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Advice For Stock Market Success

I remember when I was a teenager and I helped my dad pick a stock. He told me he would buy a stock for me if I was interested in the stock market. Boy was I excited. I poured over every stock site I could find. I wanted to find the best stock that had the biggest upside possible. I ended up with a little known tech company. After waiting for a little bit, the stock soared.

But I made the mistake of keeping it way too long. I pretty much forgot about it. I followed the whole buy a stock and hold it forever advice. I neglected to follow the part of the advice where you find a company that will last forever. The stock ended up going all the way back down and actually ended up being bought by another company. I did make a few bucks but nowhere near what I would have made if I had sold it near the top. I was a little disappointed.

The point of the story is to keep learning…and also know what you’re doing. I should have learned more and maybe taken a course or 2 on the subject. The stock market has a lot of strategies and it takes time to learn what works for you.

There’s a great site I learned about, Online Trading Academy, that would be a great fit for people wanted to learn about the stock market from experts. It’s such a great company to use for learning that even their employees love working there. Check out their employee reviews.

So learn from my mistake and gain some knowledge that will help you get the most from investing. Remember, you don’t have to be an expert to start investing.

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