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Small Scale Savings for Big Time Results

It’s easy to make the resolution that it’s time to start working out. Spring is barreling its way through the snow, and the land of shorts and skin exposure is on its way. But is your bank account ready? In the age of expensive monthly yoga passes and astronomical gym memberships, getting in shape can be pricy, and debt-consuming. Investing is a few items for the ultimate home workout could make your springtime resolution more doable, without killing your savings.

Shopping smart is your best bet for saving money and finding deals on premium brands that you could wear to the gym, or on your own for a self-procured professional workout.

A new season calls for new shoes- workout shoes, of course. But who wants to pay the pricey fees for shoes that are just going to experience the wear and tear of a solid workout? Through Sports Authority and their Outlet store you can get up to 80% off of big name styles. Find all the new styles with a bargain bin price, like the Nike men’s free 5.0 running shoe. This sneaker is the ultimate choice for any workout with its super lightweight feel and maximum support.

Spring also means the return of action sports and that means the need for gear for activities like cycling, hiking, and water sports. Use the outlet resource to restock on all necessary items and to receive free shipping. With these savings you can afford to stock up on some extra gear like Giro Xen cycling gloves, which feature a Technogel pad for low-profile shock absorption, ideal for mountain bikers. You can have your gear and keep your budget.

Most of the time we seek out gym memberships and class passes to interact with people who can help guide our workouts, but there is a way to achieve top-of-the-line guidance in all your workouts without paying someone’s salary. Investing in a training watch can provide the information you need to optimize your workout and see results. Try the Garmin Fenix 2 Training Watch, which will help challenge yourself and take your workout to new levels. This watch aids with important information on activities ranging from cycling, to fishing, and swimming. This watch can even provide elevation data and a compass- which we think is better than a trainer anyway.

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